Moh Ahmadian, Ph.D..

Moh Ahmadian, Ph.D.

Moh Ahmadian is an organic/nucleic acid chemist with extended experience in oligonucleotide syntheses, RNAi technologies and drug delivery. He received his Ph.D.  degree from the department of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Purdue University and spent his post-doctoral years at Southern Research Institute. Afterwards he worked on developing PCR probes at what was then Epoch Biosciences. Shortly after the introduction of RNAi technology in early years of the 2000s, he moved to Nastech pharmaceuticals working on developing new platform for siRNA technology. Since 2008, Moh was technical lead in establishing synthesis and purification of oligonucleotides at various scales as well as delivery of siRNA exploring “liposomes” & “lipoplexes” [LNPs] for siRNA delivery. He also designed, modified, and tested siRNA sequences. The efforts resulted in two drug substances/products to go in clinical trials. In 2013, he moved to Kinovate Life Sciences leading to improve the “oligonucleotides solid support manufacturing company” in planning & manufacturing solid support for the company which now has become the undisputed leader in providing solid support for therapeutic oligonucleotide manufacturing.

Moh is “silent co-founder” of a therapeutic company, contributing author to two books, Modified Nucleosides in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Medicine and Current protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry. In addition to over 10 published peer reviewed articles in various scientific journals he is a co-inventor in over 100 published U.S, and international patents and patent applications.