About the Regulus microMarkers Program

Regulus believes that microRNAs are clinically relevant therapeutic targets and may be ideally suited as biomarkers for numerous disease states. Regulus also believes that microRNA biomarkers are of significant value and may provide opportunities to develop companion diagnostics for its therapeutic candidates and any drugs developed by other companies. For example, microRNA biomarkers may be used to select optimal patient segments in clinical trials, or to monitor disease progression or relapse.

The Regulus microMarkers℠ program supports Regulus’ therapeutic pipeline, as well as collaborators’ and strategic partners’ programs. The Regulus microMarkers℠ platform utilizes a highly reproducible, proprietary technology platform to extract, profile, and analyze microRNAs from small volumes of blood (plasma, serum or whole blood) to differentiate disease from healthy patient samples and to identify microRNAs as potential biomarkers for disease. Regulus has profiled approximately 3,000 clinical samples in a wide variety of disease states including multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic kidney disease, fatty liver, rheumatoid arthritis and others.

Regulus has concluded a research collaboration with Biogen Idec focused on the discovery of microRNAs as biomarkers for MS. Regulus achieved all milestones in this collaboration earning $3.7 million in payments. Regulus maintains several academic research collaborations focused on the identification of microRNAs as biomarkers in multiple disease areas.